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Swedish body massage

Come down to our clinic or book a home visit from one of our therapists to enjoy a head or body massage. If you've suffered an injury then you may want to learn more about our sports massage service, available to both men and women.

Want a foot massage?

Foot Massage ImageOur massage service includes a selection of head and body massages, all of which are done by our professional therapists who will be flexible with their approach to ensure that your pain is treated in the best way possible.

Not sure what massage to have?

Speak to one of our therapists and they will be happy to discuss the available options and choose the right head or body massage for you.

Our service includes:

  • Indian head massage
  • Holistic facial massage
  • Foot massages
  • Body massages
  • Head massages
  • Swedish body massage

Like a body massage?

Call us on 07905 292 489

About Holistic & Sports Therapies

Based in Kidderminster, Haylie Perkins Holistic & Sports has been providing a wide range of therapies to clients since 2004. We have a wide knowledge of treatments designed to meet your needs..

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